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Session 8 - Ependymoma
Friday, May 8, 8:20am - 9:00am

MODERATORS: Maryam Fouladi, Juliette Hukin


EP-05 Posterior fossa ependymoma subgroups have distinct therapeutic and prognostic implications
Vijay Ramaswamy*, Stephen Mack, Michael Taylor, For the GENE consortium
Hospital for Sick Children, Canada
EP-03 Molecular classification of ependymal tumors across all CNS compartments, histopathological grades and age groups
Kristian W. Pajtler1, Hendrik Witt1,2, Martin Sill1, David Jones1, Volker Hovestadt1, Pascal Johann1, Juri Reimand3, Peter Lichter1,6, Michael D. Taylor4, Richard Gilbertson5, David W. Ellison5, Kenneth Aldape3, Andrey Korshunov1,2, Stefan M. Pfister1,2, Marcel Kool*1
1German Cancer Research Center DKFZ, Germany, 2University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany, 3University of Toronto, Canada, 4Hospital for Sick Children, Canada, 5St Jude Children's Research Hospital, USA, 6German Cancer Consortium DKTK, Germany
EP-04 Activation of the IL6/STAT3 pathway in childhood ependymoma is associated with a pro-inflammatory tumor microenvironment and a poor prognosis
Andrea Griesinger*1,2, Rebecca Josephson1,2, Andrew Donson1,2, Jean Mulcahy Levy1,2, Vladimir Amani1,2, Diane Birks1,2, Lindsey Hoffman3, Rajeev Vibhakar1,2, Michael Handler1,2, Nicholas Foreman1,2
1University of Colorado Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus, USA, 2Children's Hospital Colorado, USA, 3Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, USA
IM-01 Anti-tumor effect of trastuzumab, GM-CSF and IL-2 combinatorial therapy in pediatric ependymoma
Andrew Donson*1,2, Andrea Griesinger1,2, Diane Birks1,2, Vladimir Amani1,2, Jean Mulcahy-Levy1,2, Michael Handler1,2, Kathleen Dorris1,2, Nicholas Foreman1,2
1UCDenver, USA, 2Children's Hospital Colorado, USA